Department Of English

The Department of English functions under its enterprising Head,Dr.R.Geetha, M.A, M.Phil,Ph.D who has put in 14 years of teaching experience. She has to her credit 3 research articles presented at International and 8 papers at national and international conferences. The Department offers Under Graduate (BA.English) and Post Graduate (MA.English) Programmes for effective language learning and improves the communication skills of the students in order to bring out confidence in them to face interviews.Projects at the Post Graduate level helps the students to become better research scholars. Certificate Courses, Communicative English, English for Competitive examinations, Mass Communication, Infosys Syllabus are offered. To promote the reading habits of the students, English Language Forum (ELF)functions effectively.

English Language Forum (ELF)

English Language Forum is the brainchild of the Department of English. ELF aims at fostering the intellectual growth of the student community. It taps the innate creative spirit and talent that lies embedded in the minds of every individual. It focuses on moulding the personality of the student by fine-tuning the communicative skills through an array of activities. Adequate exposure in the realm of communicative english, Business Communication, language through literature are given through constant training in debate, group discussion, panel discussion, presentation, seminar, workshops, interview techniques and personality development. These activities sensitize the complacent mindset of the pupils through a revolutionary metamorphosis in the innovations through motivation, which comes about with technological overtones. It surfaces with the manoeuvring of the so-called new vogue of teaching English with sophisticated gadgets like computer mediated communication. ELF gears up to a smooth transition of a raw, amateurish pupil shining on borrowed plumes into a well-chiseled and embellished individual to attain greater heights through courses developed exclusively for them.

With this vision and foresightedness, greater weightage is accorded to student centered learning environment with emphasis on Oral and Written Communication, Creative Writing in English, English for Travel and Tourism, Multiple intelligences and ELT, Internet Tools for Teaching-Learning,and Personality Development. This ultimately equips and enables them to face placement interviews with utmost confidence. This in turn is a fruitful endeavour on the part of ELF to prove its efficacy in enabling the students to enter the portals of MNCs and IT Industries. This also facilitates interaction on a plane that is compatible in the corridors of business and power.